Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lunch - quinoa and beans

Yesterday for lunch I had quinoa and beans.  I used the red quinoa.  I don't know that it tastes any different, but I thought I'd try it.  I always buy the pre-rinsed.  It's only pennies more expensive and is worth it to save the hassle, otherwise you have to rinse it to prevent it from tasting bitter.

I put the whole bag of quinoa in my rice cooker with almost 4 cups of water, and 3 cups in the bottom reservoir.

Once it was done, I doused it with olive oil and some butter (I like them together because it's a bit creamier than just olive oil).   I rinsed a can of salad beans and served those on top of each serving of quinoa.

Quick, easy, and healthy!!  High in fiber, protein, and iron!

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