Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Buffalo steak!!

I'm eating a lot of buffalo lately because it's much higher in iron than beef.  Heme iron from meat is more readily absorbed than iron supplements or iron from veggies, so I include a lot of red meat in my diet.  Buffalo is a very healthy red meat.

Yesterday I needed an iron boost, so I bought a bison ribeye.  I took my cast-iron skillet, melted some butter, and placed the steak into the melted butter (after rinsing the meat, of course).  I topped the steak with organic roasted garlic out of a jar.  I cooked for 5-6 min., flipped, then 5-6 min. more.

I cooked mine on the floor of the 450 degree oven to avoid having to clean up splatters on the stove-top, but it can also be cooked on med. heat on a regular stove.

It was perfectly med. rare and tasted GREAT!!!!  I had a glass of Layer Cake shiraz with the steak and some dark chocolate for dessert.

I made buffalo chili for the kids (same as last time, so the recipe is already posted), and hubby was out of town.  I had the leftover chili for lunch, ti was great, too!!!

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