Saturday, October 16, 2010

Popcorn!! Hummus!

Yesterday my daughter couldn't go to school due to pink eye (poor kid!), so we watched a movie and had some popcorn!

Please don't use that icky microwave stuff, it's just as easy to make your own!

Here's what we had - organic popcorn, otherwise it's probably GMO (, popped in an air popper.  We topped it with melted ghee, organic butter, and coconut oil.  If you want to use coconut oil, it's best mixed with butter or it doesn't absorb into the popcorn and the popcorn will taste dry with an oily coating.  We also squirted on some Bragg's Liquid Aminos and some sea salt.

We are always sharing popcorn, so we have one person pop and the other melt the butter, so both are ready at the same time!

Another regular snack and one I just had today is hummus.  I bought some hummus the other day after not having bought it for a couple weeks and my 17 year old daughter said, "Yay!!  Hummus!!" when she saw it!  Natural snacks can taste good!  I like to eat it spread with a knife on rice crackers, but my daughter prefers to dip organic corn chips in it.  Either way .... YUM!!

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