Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chili leftovers

For leftovers, if you want them to taste leftover, then use the microwave!  Microwaved food tasted GROSS!!  Do a test.  Take some frozen corn.  Heat up a dish of it in the microwave with some butter and heat up a second serving in a pot on the stove in some water, then butter.  See which tastes better and which takes longer to make.  It's a myth that the microwave saves time.

For the leftover chili we had for dinner last night .... well, it had gotten a bit dry.  I didn't have any canned tomato sauce, so I used some chicken broth to freshen it up.  I just heated it on the stovetop and stirred while it was heating.  For Aga owners, if you have the time, stick it in the upper left oven and it will heat up on its own.  

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