Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hi, I'm sixhungrykids and I have another blog at that talks about my battle with Lyme Disease.  Because I am active in the Lyme community and people know I cook from scratch, I get asked all the time how I make things.  I don't use many recipes .... I know what flavors I like, and generally make something up using the foods I want for that meal.

There are plenty of evenings I wish I could just click on a website and be told what's for dinner tonight.  I hope to become something like that with this blog!

Sometimes I spend a long time cooking dinner using a complicated recipe, sometimes I throw something together quicker than you could heat up a frozen meal.  I'll tell about both here.  I'll try to post pictures, but I can't post smells, sorry!!

I have been told several times that I should do a cooking blog.  Every time I say no because I'm really not a trained cook and really don't think I have any business writing a food blog.  However, I do have a large family, eat a lot of things that are gluten-free, eat healthy, and have learned all this on my own over the past decade.  So, I do have things to share and look forward to sharing them with you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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