Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pot roast, attempt #2

As you know, I tried making pot roast a couple weeks ago, and it was very good, but wasn't the recipe I wanted to try.

Sunday they were calling for snow to start at 1 PM.  I hadn't been to the grocery in a while because I had been so busy Christmas shopping all week (thus no posts here, sorry!), so like everyone else, I had to stock up before the snowstorm.  My oldest daughter took most of the kids with her to Kroger because most of the Kroger stuff is stuff they need - shampoo, school lunch food, pencils, etc.

I went to Whole Foods with my youngest.  While I was there I thought I'd buy ingredients for the pot roast I wanted to make, but of course I didn't have the recipe with me.  Perfect for this real life cooking blog, huh?!

So, I bought a pound of buffalo and a pound of 100% grass-fed beef, both cut into stew meat.  I bought carrots and potatoes.  I already had onions and garlic at home.  I should have bought beef broth, but didn't think of it.

Sunday we had chili for dinner.  I have my chili recipe on the blog a couple times already, so I'm not posting it.  I didn't do anything special with it.  Sometime I will change it a bit and post it again.  Monday I made the pot roast.

I dug up the recipe card I had picked up at wine tasting and realized this recipe isn't even what I would refer to as pot roast.  Hmm.  It's a regular roast in a roasting pan with veggies in the bottom of the pan.  That's not a pot at all!!  No chance of being able to make the recipe this time either!

Now, to make up my own recipe ..... I put about 4 tbsp (didn't measure, not important to measure) whole wheat flour with rosemary and thyme (maybe a tsp of each?  probably a little more) into a big stainless steel bowl.  I put the meat cubes into the mixture and stirred around.

I heated some ghee in the pot, then added the coated meat and the extra flour into the melted ghee (clarified butter).  I let the meat brown while I cut up the carrots, potatoes and onions.  I also spooned in some garlic from a jar into the pot with the meat.

I stirred the meat in the pot a couple times to allow it to brown on all sides.  Then I added a little water to the pan and scraped the bottom to get the tasty brown stuff mixed in.  Next I added all the veggies off my cutting board, poured in a little red wine, then added enough water to cover (I wish it had been beef broth).

I brought it to a simmer then moved it to the 250 degree oven (you can leave it at a simmer on the stove top) for a few hours.  It was good, everyone liked it.  A little plain for us, but it was good.  I served it over a slice of bread because it was really juicy, the bread soaked up the juices a bit.

Maybe next time I'll finally try out that recipe!!!  LOL!!  But it's not really a pot roast ......

Thanks for stopping by!!

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