Monday, December 20, 2010


Today was a very busy day.  Christmas is coming up this weekend, so I had so much to do, and taught pilates on top of that!

I bought one package of cheese tortellini and two packages of beef/spinach ravioli out of the freezer at Whole Foods.  I also bought a package of organic arugula and a tub of shredded cheese (three cheese blend).

This is so simple, I'm almost embarrassed to post about it, but I got such good comments about the dinner from my husband and kids, I have to!!!

Bring water to a boil.  Dump the pasta in the water.  I did not time it, but the time is on the package.

While the pasta was boiling, I rinsed the arugula and used my lettuce spinner to get some of the water off.  In the bottom of a salad bowl I poured some olive oil, the juice of a whole lemon, some maple syrup, and some roasted garlic from a jar and mixed with my wooden salad spoon (I have a wooden salad spoon/fork set for serving).  I dumped the arugula in the mixture and tossed.

I scooped out a piece of tortellini and ate it to see if it was done, and it was, so I drained the pasta.  I dumped it into a bowl, then poured olive oil over it.  I added dried oregano and tossed.

I topped the pasta with shredded cheese when I served it.  You would have thought it was a gourmet meal I spent the afternoon on!!!  My family thought it was very tasty and elegant!!

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