Saturday, February 26, 2011

Food combining

Before I got sick with Lyme Disease and lost a lot of weight, I used to food combine because I felt more healthy and energetic, and also looked younger when I did.  After I got well, I didn't start food combining again since I had trouble eating vegetables because of my poor digestion.

Now I seem to be tolerating all foods so I'm starting the food combining again.  In the past week, I've lost five pounds all while eating good, healthy foods until I feel comfortably full.  I was not overweight.  It seems that most of the weight loss was bloat.  I know last time I food combined, about 7 years ago, I usually was on the light side, and right now I'm closer to the normal part of my weight range.  I don't care that I'm lighter or normal, but I do care about the increased energy I've been feeling for the past week, so I will continue with the food combining.

It really has been amazing.  I have the most energy I've had since I've been well.

Here are the "rules."

1) Only fruit until noon.  I usually make fresh juice with various fruit, almost always including apples.  Another frequent favorite is pineapple.  If I can't juice or will be away from the house, I cut up a few apples and put them in zipper bags to carry with me.  I need to eat the fruit throughout the morning so this is how I  handle it.  It's not the usual way of eating breakfast, you graze all morning.  As much fruit as you want.  This is a time of day when the body is cleansing and the fruit is easily digested, full of water and enzymes, and helps this cleansing cycle without the body needing to slow it down for digestion.

2) Never eat a protein and a starchy carb together.  Yes, this is the tough idea, especially with our modern way of eating.  I eat a lot of vegetarian recipes with carbs.  I eat veggies with meats and eggs.  I will start posting recipes like this.  Here's an example of eating out.  I had a half hour to eat before my son's game, so we went to Steak and Shake.  Healthy, right?  LOL.  I ordered a salad with ranch on the side and a double cheeseburger with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mayo and no bun.  I cut up the burger and veggies and tossed it into the salad.  It was very good.  I felt good when I left, and that's saying a lot after Steak and Shake, LOL!

3) You must wait three hours past a carb meal or four hours past a protein meal to have fruit again.  Then wait 30 minutes after the fruit to eat other food.

At first it is hard, I won't lie!!  But, after a week on it .... I gave it a week trial .... I am sticking with it.  I feel so much more energetic, I need fewer enzyme/HCL supplements when I eat, and I don't feel bloated at all. It is well worth it.  Will I ever cheat?  Yes.  Probably once per week.

What about coffee?  Well, I like lattes.  On days I want a latte, I drink it at 12-ish.  I eat lunch about 2.  Technically, I'm not waiting long enough (four hours past a protein), but that's how I fit it in, and I don't eat a fruit.  It works for me.

Be looking forward to these fulfilling, feel good, properly combined meals!!!

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